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Hello --

I am a pianist, piano teacher and church musician. I live (and garden) in Southeast Pennsylvania.

I have owned my home since 1998, and over the years I've done the basic outdoor upkeep plus a few improvement projects. But a couple years ago something clicked for me and I began to really enjoy gardening.

I always have a backlog of interests, activities and involvements I'd like to pursue, and gardening has been one of them. So I decided to take it on as a hobby. I frequently tell my adult students how wonderful lifelong learning is and how much I admire their commitment to develop new skills -- gardening is doing the same thing for me!

As you can tell from the blog title and some of the quotes on the main page, my favorite time to work in the yard and garden is the morning. I'm out several mornings a week (in season), and in the process I'm getting to know every square inch of my small (1/4 acre) property extremely well.

I am a novice gardener, so I welcome comments, suggestions, advice, corrections and ideas any time.

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. If you've come to this website through a search for information about Morning Glory flowering plants, please visit the Morning Glory Plant Information page by clicking on the link in the right-hand column on the main page.