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  • "It is always exciting to open the door and go out into the garden for the first time on any day." Marion Cran
  • "When in the fresh mornings I go into my garden before anyone is awake, I go for the time being into perfect happiness." Celia Thaxter
  • "If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need." Cicero
  • "He who owns a garden, However small it be, Whose hands have planted in it Flower or bush or tree; He who watches patiently The growth from nurtured sod, Who thrills at newly opened bloom Is very close to God." Katherine Edelman
  • "Like a big mountain, a small garden stimulates, restores, and delights us, just as it poses challenges, promotes mastery, provides exercise and relieves monotony." Winifred Gallagher
  • "Though an old man I am but a young gardener." Thomas Jefferson
  • "A garden is never so good as it will be next year." Thomas Cooper
  • "Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas." Eizabeth Murray
  • "God made rainy days so gardeners could get the housework done." Author Unknown


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I love the idea of not doing housework and agree with you...if poss i'll always go in the garden first.

I too love to see nice lush's an institution here in the UK....and oh boy if you don't get those stripes straight - one hangs their head in shame. Some things never change!

A lovely fun and interesting post.


I feel the same way as you do about housecleaning - contrast that with gardening, where I can content myself for hours doing the most mundane of chores.

You made me laugh with your comment about your hands being a whiter shade of pale. I certainly understand the need to wear gloves if you are teaching piano. I rarely wear them, and then when I'm playing mandolin or fiddle, it is quite embarrassing to see my nails ... with their bits of embedded dirt.

Your improv style cracked me up ... I will try and come up with 7 random facts ...thank you for tagging me!


Hydrangeas are some of my most favorite summer flowers too :)


I'm with you on #2 and #5.Who wants to be indoors cleaning when it's more fun cleaning the garden outdoors in the heat and humitity with all the bugs and dirt and bending and digging well perhaps housework is
easier!! I also am a petunia deadheading kind of relaxes me!
In reading your last post re: the squirrels digging...have you tried sprinkling ~blood meal~ over the soil in pots and around the plant in detors the squirrels in my garden as they are vegetarian.
Try this.Here's to deadheading petunias..NG


oh, I did this on Saturday, scroll down on my blogarino!


Okay Beth... I got your tag and do my post, then name 7 others. I loved yours! And thanks for your nice comments about my blog. I'll have them up soon.


Sorry, Muum, I missed that and didn't realize you had already done it.

Thanks for commenting, everyone. This was a fun assignment!

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